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Me & my hair: The Whining & LOLs Edition. Plus, some copycat geese. Copygeese? And cupcakes.

Another busy preparation weekend here. Nana has been in pain, but slowly doing better. Tonight she was cooking, although she still can’t chew much. Tomorrow she goes to the doctor to get her bandages removed/changed. The one on her face … Continue reading

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Six word sentences

Everything is okay but I’m tired. Today was a long catch-up day. La Banda Rossa music is here! Tomorrow, I’m shopping for two households. Then, I am playing my flute. Now–rest, rest, rest, rest, rest. xo.  

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Can’t keep a good woman down

Well, Nana’s surgery is over, and she did really well! Her blood pressure was high when she was first admitted (nerves, you think?) but they got it down and when she came back from the recovery room, she was doing … Continue reading

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‘Twas the night before cancer surgery & all through the house…

Aside from getting ready to get married, and silly things like fixing the curtains, the big thing we’ve been dealing with is our family matriarch’s health woes.  Last month, David’s mother (who is also in her 80’s, like Nana) fell … Continue reading

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My first picture post

Today was another of our work days.  Agenda: Finishing art & hanging stuff. Many of you have not had the pleasure of working with me on project.  Well! This project was pretty typical for me. During an “up” day, with … Continue reading

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Going to the [350 acre Deep Ecology Learning Center and Preserve], and we’re gonna [talk about] getting maaarrrrrrried…

Today we met with the minister who will be officiating our wedding, and his wife. Tim was a counselor for Vietnam War veterans, and was deeply affected by the trauma of their experiences. He & Peg decided to, in his … Continue reading

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By way of introduction, Happy Friday the 13th

One of the things that has kept me out of the blogging game for a long time is this introduction post thing. And so I decided to can it. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you either know me a little … Continue reading

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