By way of introduction, Happy Friday the 13th

One of the things that has kept me out of the blogging game for a long time is this introduction post thing. And so I decided to can it. Hopefully, if you’re reading this, you either know me a little (or a lot) or I will manage to be interesting enough that you’ll want to stick around to get to know me.

I’ve really miss journalling in public to semi-public, though.  I absolutely believe in the ability to make friends on the internet. In a couple weeks, I’m marrying my partner of almost 5 years. I met him on LiveJournal, when I was living here (central New York state) and he was living 8,000 miles away teaching English in South Korea. I KNOW! Crazy. If you had told me back when I started my LiveJournal (at which time, according to my records, I was a terrible whiny person) that I would meet the guy I was going to marry through said efforts of public navel-gazing, I would have…I really don’t know. Probably rolled my eyes at you and written another post complaining about my mom and some person I had a crush on and how I had had too much coffee that day.

But I won’t do that now! If you find yourself reading and want to say hello, please do! I also have a tendency to abandon blogs if it feels like talking to the void, because I have paper journals after all. I’m definitely up for making friends, but I won’t be able to end up marrying you. Sorry.

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5 Responses to By way of introduction, Happy Friday the 13th

  1. Debby says:

    I just love your final sentence in this entry! Your sense of humor really shines through.

  2. Debby says:

    Oops, actually, it’s your second to last sentence.

  3. Shannon says:

    Hey, Ami! Thanks for telling me you started a blog. I’m looking forward to reading it. And congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! Wow. Also, if you’re still interested in learning/doing any graphic design, I have some new ideas for you that I’ve been meaning to tell you about.


    • Hi! Thanks. When is your wedding? I’m not sure I’m gonna be doing anything by way of employment for a while, but I’m always interested in learning about g.d. I’m so glad to hear from you again!

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