My first picture post

Today was another of our work days.  Agenda: Finishing art & hanging stuff.

Many of you have not had the pleasure of working with me on project.  Well! This project was pretty typical for me. During an “up” day, with my brain buzzing around in a few different places at once, I decided we needed something on the big bare wall behind the futon. Here’s what it looked like at that point:

But at the same time, I had an idea for trying an art project I’d seen here. (“Weekend” art project is inaccurate by the way. Always. But this project, for the bedroom. Of course. By the end of that planning session, complete with MS Paint mock-ups, I had a solid plan for a bedroom makeover, which for some reason required switching out a beloved afghan I crocheted the summer I was 14 that made me happy everytime I saw how the light hit it, sunny or grey skies, for a matching bedspread. What?! Also, I had no solid plan for the living room wall I originally wanted art for.

Maybe you can see where this is going. I didn’t, until I had spent a considerable amount of time and money gathering supplies and fretting over the remaining “unmatching” stuff.  I admit, I’m probably more than a little tweaked out by David’s family’s upcoming wedding weekend visit. They’re very nice people, but I’m still insecure.  Like, I’ve brought their son to live in a half-wrecked mobile home in a half-wrecked town. THIS CAN ONLY BE REMEDIED BY NEW CURTAINS!!!1!!

We worked really hard on our paintings and today was hanging day. This had “required” moving the bed, fixing the bedskirt, doing all the laundry I can’t do this week because I have other things I have to do…you know, everything except the task at hand. And then I had a meltdown because I hated everything. I just wanted my afghan back.

David, who has what Nana & Papa call “the patience of a saint”, calmed me down and moved the bed back like a trooper. And we decided to put the paintings we worked so hard on in the living room, where people will see them, where we needed something in the first place!  If we ever did.


Not pictured: the 4 hours (really!) it took to clean that printer bookshelf.  Oh, do you like those windows we added? J/K. Trick photography, y’all.

But I will show you my previous curtain project, because I’m super proud of those cornices, made from a combination  of   tutorials:

No dwarf panthers were moved in the making of these cornices. He moved on his own.

Oh, and a better view of the framed picture on the left of the “after” photo:

Bean and Zelda. Some people frame photos of their children. Some people don't have children and dote excessively on their cats. In related news, David has vetoed naming our first child "Bean Jr."

Work day done! Ice cream & The Simpsons.  xo.

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