Me & my hair: The Whining & LOLs Edition. Plus, some copycat geese. Copygeese? And cupcakes.

Another busy preparation weekend here.

Nana has been in pain, but slowly doing better. Tonight she was cooking, although she still can’t chew much. Tomorrow she goes to the doctor to get her bandages removed/changed. The one on her face looks extremely uncomfortable, and I hope whatever is on there next is more agreeable.

I did get the folders of La Banda Rossa music, and got a chance to play halfway through the CD. Exciting!! It is on a better level for me, and I feel a lot more confident about my ability to work through it. The music we play in UC band can just be so difficult for me that I would have to spend more time than I have (or want to spend, honestly) in order to play it. But I’ve worked on my “playing what I can” skills, like the first beat of the measure or whatnot. Compensation skills, heh. But! I can listen to (and play) Italian marches all day long. Tuesday night is first rehearsal. Viva La Banda Rossa!

I had some minor grooming victories this weekend. On Monday, I finally went & got a haircut, after much hemming & hawing & trying but failing to find a picture of myself with a hairstyle I liked & had the length to replicate, or a picture of a hairstyle on someone with my particular arrangement of front cowlick & widows peak. I ended up just going & trying my best to describe the circumstances of my ideal haircut.

Well, did that ever not work out. I am someone who usually gets one haircut a year. I wear a hat nearly every day and night from the first chilly air of September until the last chilly air of April. Somewhere around my birthday, I cut it short for summer, then see how it grows out until my next birthday. This year when I took off my hat, my hair was longer, greyer, and slightly curlier than I remembered. Also, I had the job of figuring out what to do with it for an event that would be commemorated in photographs we would be looking at for the rest of our lives. This is pretty much a nightmare for someone who wears a hat six months of the year.

Needless to say, I was unhappy with my hair. There wasn’t much time to try to do anything this week, but by the weekend I had had a few opportunities to “play with it”, “try different things”, “put a little bit of product in it”, and other things hairdressers are constantly exhorting me to do. It was not working.

Finally, I decided to just cut off the parts of it that were the most offensively poofing out from the sides of my head, and when I was finished, I looked (and felt) 1000 times better and I had basically the same haircut that I gave myself last summer, which I really liked, even though it looked a little like Kate Gosselin’s. I guess if I want something done right, I gotta do it my damn self. And really, I feel better about messing up my own hair than paying someone $30+ and uncomfortably confronting my own gender issues or whatever in the presence of a beauty school graduate who will try to make me look “pretty” no matter how many times I say I’m aiming for “androgynous”. So there was that.

Oh, and speaking of gender issues, my other grooming victory. Although I usually don’t mind being capable of growing slightly noticeable facial hair, I try to tone it down to the best of my ability when I’m around David’s family.

Traditional Italian wedding preparation: Bleaching of the Beard


Now that we’re all uncomfortable (or LOLing a lot), check out these awesome Canadian geese cake toppers I made out of sculptey clay!

I made a protogoose beforehand, because like Nana told me, "You make a lot of mistakes on your first one". Only she was talking about children.

I kind of copied some geese cake toppers I saw on Etsy, and have been pondering the ethics of that. These are obviously for private use, and the ones that were pictured are no longer for sale anyway (although they were $120 and I wouldn’t have bought them anyway), but is making your own version of something DIY & awesome, or stealing a design & potential profit from an artist, or both?

We also did more cleaning stuff, and I put together an Order of Service for the ceremony. And I made strawberry cupcakes on Friday night, and we ate 5 each in 24 hours. Whoops.

There are no photos of the cupcakes because we ate them too fast. They had pink swirls of frosting. Instead, please accept this picture of David shooing away cats who have detected fishey for dinner.

Good weekend.

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One Response to Me & my hair: The Whining & LOLs Edition. Plus, some copycat geese. Copygeese? And cupcakes.

  1. Debby says:

    Oh, Ami, I LOVE your blog! I can hear your voice in your breezy writing style….

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