Springfarm Friends–Room 2

Since our visit to their Open House on December 21, David & I have been going up to Springfarm CARES to visit the cats about twice a week. I have stumbled upon the equation that for me at least,


And so we’ve been happily making new friends, and I thought I’d talk a little bit about them.

Springfarm is set up so that there are several rooms with sliding glass doors where the cats live. At the back of the rooms, there is another set of sliding doors with a cat door in it, which leads out to a screened-in porch. There is access to the “outdoors” at all times, and lots of light, and plenty of spaces for sleeping and climbing and making little territories of their own. It is, perhaps most importantly, a no-kill shelter, meaning that all of the cats are guaranteed to have a home there for the rest of their lives if they don’t get adopted.

So far we’ve been in most of the rooms, but have gotten to know three of them the best. The first room David was really drawn to was Room 2, and the first cat he fell in love with was Angelo.


Angelo was found on the street in Clark Mills, which is very close to where we live. He acts like he still needs to protect himself, very wary of other cats, but incredibly gentle and sweet with humans. He took a couple visits to warm up, but now comes when I call him and lets me kiss his head. David is convinced he’s part bobcat, because his shoulder muscles are very, very strong and wide. He’s built like a little lion, and has a meow that sounds like a question mark.

In Room 2 there’s also:

Dusty–a grey cat with a white muzzle with a grey spot on it. She also has a broken tail that hangs down, and is incontinent. But very loving and playful. Just grab a blanket if she sits on your lap.

Corky–black and white, David calls her a “goofball” who’s easygoing, fun-loving, and just wants petting. Corky *is* sort of silly, but I’ve seen her defend herself against Angelo (when he’s on one of his PTSD-like rages), and she doesn’t seem so fun-loving then…

Otis–Otis is the cat who most reminds me of Papa, and I have a definite soft spot for him. He’s a cranky old guy, doesn’t want to be petted, but sometimes, just sometimes, will let you pet his head. Anything past that, he gives you an accusatory look and you just have to pull back. Usually he just wants to be left alone to hang out on something comfy, but we have a deal going on–I’ll ask if he’ll pet me and that’s when he’s most likely to respond. He’s one of the “alpha males” in the room, but despite that, he usually stays out of everyone’s way, unless Angelo is having one of his bad days.

Black Jack–Black Jack is okay, another alpha male who doesn’t want to be pet, really. You may pet him on the head, but anything else, and he will fuck. you. up. He’s serious about that. I couldn’t remember if he was the one with the “head-only” petting rule, and when I gingerly tested that out by petting his back, I got a warning scratch–that bled. And everyone was surprised I got away with that. Probably Angelo’s #1 enemy. Black Jack doesn’t go out of his way to bug anyone, but Angelo gets upset with him when he goes into what Angelo considers “his” territory.

Fuzzy–Bobtailed cat who was there when Bean was! She’s a quiet sort, doesn’t really want to interact much.

Patches–A fat calico cat who also has diabetes and is blind. Special-needs cats like her aren’t up for adoption; they are promised a forever-home being cared for at Springfarm. Patches seems happy about this, and is pretty quiet too, but does enjoy when you sit next to her and pet her and talk to her.

Well, that’s all for today.  I’ll share my favorite room next time.

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2 Responses to Springfarm Friends–Room 2

  1. Tasha says:

    Oh, Angelo! What a suave little kitty you are!

    • Isn’t he gorgeous? Because there’s no scale to the picture, it’s a little hard to tell, but he has such broad shoulders, and kissing his head is like kissing a big ol’ teddy bear. He really is a gentle giant, and looks so much like a miniature lion. ❤ Angelo ❤

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