My Sketchbook

I started keeping a sketchbook around the end of January. I had this one around the house from a drawing book I never ended up working my way through, and I liked the idea of using a low-cost, “low-risk”, low-pressure newsprint pad. Somehow, it feels more “okay” to make mistakes on newsprint, and I’m trying to let myself make a lot of mistakes.


I notice that I definitely go through “phases” with the things I’m interested in or working on, and I’m guessing that’s a normal thing? Trying to work on what works and what doesn’t….

For a couple weeks, I was really into making mandalas. I’m not really capable (yet?) of doing things…geometrically? Regularly? I’m not sure what the term would be, but whatever requires neatness & straight lines & even spacing, that is not my strong suit. So I try thinking of it as “doodles”, or “organic lines with great energy”, or whatever else lets you get away with not using a ruler & compass.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATop, left-right: A Tibetan-Buddhist-looking mandala, middle one influenced this egg, another doodle, all colored pencil

Bottom, left-right: trying magic marker & different design elements, middle one influence this egg, and here you can see I’m sort of getting “done” with this whole mandala thing. Or at least this one sort of sucks.

I also started making a bunch of stamps. I really liked the design of the middle one in the bottom row, so I cut it out of craft foam & used spray adhesive to mount it on a scrap of cardboard. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI didn’t think it looked very good just plain, but when I outline it with pen, it looks better. I like to use it as a “seal” stamped onto the backs of envelopes.

Next time: More stamps

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