My “Fish Phase”

Last time I showed you a stamp I made based on a mandala doodle I drew in my journal, that I also used as an egg design inspiration. I like to cross over mediums like that. I went in the other direction with my “fish phase”. It all started when I made this Ukrainian Gift Shop design for my brother-in-law, Steve, who has a lot of fish-themed decor in his house. (Why yes, he *is* a bachelor. Straight single ladies who happen to read this blog, take note.)


And then I really, really liked drawing that fish. So I drew it more, and made variations on how I colored it in.


And then I thought, why not make a stamp! I didn’t plan on sending the pysanka to Steve until Easter, but we try to send him a little note every month or so, so I thought it would be fun to make a card using this design on a stamp, and give him a little foreshadowing…


I actually made more fish, because I painted a page of watercolor in red & blue so it would look like betta fish coloration. But I didn’t really like the way the card came out all that well, so I decided not to make more of that fishbowl design just yet and put the rest of the watercolor betta fish stamp “school” on my wall, where they are happily swimming for now.



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Hi! I'm the webmaster for, this blog of monthly Meeting for Business minutes, and the Mohawk Valley Friends Facebook page. See you 'round the Internet.
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3 Responses to My “Fish Phase”

  1. Gina says:

    That fish egg is awesome.

  2. Lex says:

    I love the fishies!!!

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