Link Love Friday #3

Hi, all. Time for….


1) First up is an art that surely overlaps in the art journaling community–crochet! Kat Golden, author of the lovely blog Slugs on the Refrigerator, has released her first book, Crochet at Play. I’ve been reading Kat’s blog for years now, and it’s so exciting to see her hard work result in a published book. She has lots of cool designs, including my favorite, a stegosaurus hat, all gorgeously photographed by the designer herself. Congrats, Kat!!

2) Jennibellie’s amazing recycling/upcycling prowess blew me away this week, when I started watching her many inspiring videos. And then she has a blog to explore as well??! Be still, my beating heart! Bookbinding & DIY art journal supply-making and raiding the recycling bin for all of it. Awesome.

3) Of course on my travels in the land of art journaling I ran across Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, a super hard-working artist who has a boatload of tutorials and deserves her popularity. I love her style, and her philosophy that authenticity in you work is important, so don’t be afraid of YOUR style. I hope I summed that up right. I’m working on not being afraid of my style, whatever that is, all the time.

4) I came across this great stamp-making tutorial this week, too. I love that blog name too—Approachable Art. I have to say, some of the stamps I tried didn’t work too well, but I think it’s because I’m stingy with my paint.   I’m not quite as anxious about that now after seeing Jennibellie’s technique for getting the most out of your paint. I have an in-progress layer of red rosin paper down on my desk right now.

5) Speaking of me being cheap, I’m still not quite ready to take the plunge into buying gesso. I mean, it’s not a particularly expensive supply, really, but if a homemade version works, I at least want to try the cheap way. According to this experimenter, it doesn’t work all that well. There’s a more labor-intensive looking recipe out there too that I might try sometime. Have any of my readers tried homemade gesso?

That’s it for this Friday. TTYL!

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4 Responses to Link Love Friday #3

  1. I LOVE gesso and use it on most of my pages to seal the page and make my paint go further. I tried making my own with various recipes but didn’t find one I loved. I haven’t given up though, I love the experimentation and feeling like a scientist in a white coat! It adds to the fun. 🙂

    Love your links. Particularly looking forward to checking out Jennibellie’s links! Sounds right up my alley. Thank you for sharing.

    • ami says:

      Thank you for stopping by! Right after I posted, I found this video with a much more workable-sounding recipe than the ones in this post (which involved baby powder). This one uses plaster of paris; have you tried anything like this?

      ½ cup plaster of paris
      ½ cup hot water
      ½ cup white glue
      1 ½ cup paint

  2. Cynthia Lee says:

    I love gesso too … and I have found that it really is worth investing in. It helps make all the other recycled things I work with really usable.

    and can I just say … WOW! you have found and shared so great tutorials. I really need to write down a list and commit to trying out all these wonderful ideas.

    • ami says:

      Aw, thanks Cynthia Lee! I can definitely see the use in working with recycleables. I’ve been working on a journal made from junk mail, and that’s going to be the first thing I slap gesso on when I either make or buy some!

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