Journal52–Week 1

Anyone looking for a free yearlong art journal prompt workshop & community? Here it is! It’s called Journal52 and I just learned about it from one of my favorite artist/bloggers, Michelle at Inspiration Everywhere. I know it’s January 16th & all, but better late than never, and they say that over at Journal52 too, so here’s my take on Week 1: Pathways


It’s this blog! And a labyrinth/brain, and a face that popped out of the outline, looking forward.  So, I was thinking about the path that I want to take with my art, and I keep coming back to this blog.  I need to reach out to a community of artists, to share as much as I’ve been learning from all the great blogs out there. Working in a vacuum is no fun, and at first it was probably a fear thing; I thought my art sucked, that I was still too “new” at everything, and so I didn’t think I had much to share. I’m still not sure I do, but I’m gonna give it a go, and hopefully make some friends here too.

I bound my own journal for this project, and I’ll share bookbinding photos & details in my next post. See you then!



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Hi! I'm the webmaster for, this blog of monthly Meeting for Business minutes, and the Mohawk Valley Friends Facebook page. See you 'round the Internet.
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